Frequnetly Asked Questions

I believe again in providing a fair, cost effective and above all a personal please get in contact and we can discuss your needs. For information about MSE webdesign click here.

Q1. I have a small business – how much does it cost to develop a website?
Your site will be what you need! I design, develop and publish a website you will be proud ofincluding all of the necessary extras for you. I also work WITH you to provide the output and content you need.

Q2. I will need a domain name– how much will this cost?
Depending upon availability, this is usually between £10 and £20 every 2 years.

Q3. On average how much does a site cost to produce?
Usually a standard site can cost in the region of £200-£300 - but personal requirements will define this

Q4. What about email addresses?
Email addresses will be created as you require - usually 5main emails and 5forwarding emails - but this is dependant on your hosting.

Q5 What if I need to update or change the website?
No problem, don’t be put off, this is easy and this is included in the monthly amount. Otherwise can be done based on my reasonable hourly rate. 

Q6. What other costs are there?
Cost are simple, Website setup and creation. Yearly hosting commitment and domain name commitment. Then if you choose, the monthly support/update agreement.

Q7. Are there any other hidden costs?
No hidden costs – we give you everything you need for just initial price.

Q8. What about payment?
We only ask for payment in 2 stages, 1st payment (50%) at the begining together with the hosting cost and 2nd and final payment on completion. If you would prefer to pay upfront this is acceptable.

Q9. What if I want to break the agreement/contract?
No problem, nocharge, just tell me and the deal will be cancelled on the following complete month – can’t be fairer.

Q10. How long does it take to develop the website?
I work at your pace. Hosting will be set up immediately upon payment at which point i place a custom holding page in position for you. From then i will post updates of your site whilst i work on it culminating on the finished article in 1-3weeks. It depends on you and entirely based on the launch date we decide.

Any more questions…

…just give us a ring, e-mail or write (see ‘Contact us’ page).


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