We can provide for all your IT needs, from Website's to computer support - you need it and can name it we will provide it.

Web Design

We don't offer a range of confusing products. What we do offer is an all inclusive package that will get you noticed on the web from standard and personal packages meeting your needs. All packages are tailored you your exact needs with value and quality combined.

What do you get

- Domain name registration (including personal e-mail address)
- Web hosting arranged and configured
- Flash work where required
- Upto 8 pages
- As many words per page as you want
- Personal creative design
- Tailored functions and features you need
- Express support by phone and e-mail
- Registration to search engines and directories
- No fixed contract

- 100% satisfaction guarantee
Overall, we offer best value for money which includes everything you need to have your own site designed and published on-line. Including advice and guidance in best practices

What are the on-going costs?

On-going costs are down to you. After paying the one-off fee to get your site up and running, you can be left with your site as is or you may choose to opt for the monthly support/maintenance scheme, for as long as you want usually for as little as £20 per month (see 'Guarantee'). This is a basic fee for keeping your site on-line, providing you support should you need it, updates to your site, server space work, basic update and modifications and all that techy stuff. There are no other hidden charges.

Other costs are simple, depending on your personal package. Hosting fees are annual and provide the "space" store your site and Domain registry (your name eg: is renewable every 2years. Exact prices depend on you package and current rates.


Once your site is finished and published, updates come in especially handy in keeping your site fresh. We don't charge for basic/routine updates if you choose the monthly support scheme.

Contact me now for any assistance or advice.

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Computer Support

We have extensive capabilities to provide you any support regarding you personal or business computing requirements. Including the ability to diagnose and resolve computer problems.

Some of the more common problems resolved:
- Virus, Adware, Spyware removal
- New computer files and setting migration
- Software installed and configured
- Wireless and wired network installing and configuring
- Hardware upgrades, replacements and repairs
- Computer operating problems resolved
- Intelligent solutions to home PC problems
Software support and advice

Even if you dont see it on the list - I can provide it for less than you think, i promise to be fast, efficient and provide value for money.

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